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    Deploy widget library along with app?

    Steven Taschereau



      I created a widget library and widget on my development server and added the widget to an app. 

      I then went to the QMC and exported the app as a qvf,

      Next I went to the QMC of my test server and imported the app.qvf.  

      When I open the app, it can't find the widget. 


      I can see the widget library on the Extensions tab of my dev server's QMC. Unfortunately there is no export option here. Grrr.

      So I assume that I have to locate the widget/library on the dev server's file system and manually zip it, then import it into the QMC of my test server. Is this correct?


      Assuming it is correct, I did a search of the dev server's file system but that didn't locate anything with either the widget's or the widget library's name.  Should I be seeing it?