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    Chart colours with Set Expression

    Steve Holmes



      I have a line chart showing a KPI across years.  It uses a full load of data from 5 DHBs.  There is one line for all DHBs using the set expression

      avg({<DHB=>} LOS)

      and another line using

      avg({<DHB={'A'}>} LOS)


      The chart works as expected, but I'd like to change its colours.  At the moment the "all DHBs" line is pale blue and the A line is pale red - these are automatic colours.


      If I use custom colours by expression, something like

      if([DRG] = 'A', red(), RGB(179,179,179))

      which worked before I used set expressions, both lines are grey.


      Is this because DHB 'A' is included in the 'All DHBs' set?

      Is there anything I can do about it?