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    Gov DB 2.0.3 not searching subfolders

    Greg Anderson

      I've seen similar issues and discussions, but nothing I've seen has helped me.


      We separate our QVWs and QVDs into subfolders.  The Governance Dashboard is returning an 'invalid path' error when I point the 'master' folder containing the subfolders.


      I updated from 2.0.2 (same error) to 2.0.3 because I saw a discussion reporting it resolved.  Same issue.


      I don't know what I'm missing.  Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks!



        • Re: Gov DB 2.0.3 not searching subfolders
          Tyler Waterfall

          We can't help you much here when you use a mix of UNC paths and drive letters because this would require looking at the server where you are reloading and checking file paths...


          Why not use a UNC share path instead of D:\qvserver.... ?


          And related, I don't see why you would put c:\programdata\qliktech\documents in the "Files & Folders to exclude" as I don't believe this folder would exist under D:\qvserver...