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    Is there a way to pre-scrub location information for correctness?

    Kevin Pinto

      We're trying out GeoAnalytics 5.8.1 with some success at getting area and bubble maps.


      As is usually the case, our address book data is messy, often containing missing information or subtly misspelled information, e.g. Carrolton, Texas instead of the correct Carrollton, Texas.  GeoAnalytics displays the second correct form, but not the first incorrect form.


      Is there a way to scrub my entire address book against the Lookup service and obtain a list of addresses that result in a lookup failure?  The error message in the map is not useful - it only says "Unsuccessful location lookup" without mentioning the name of the location.  In any case, it would be painful and hit and miss to try to find incorrect addresses this way.


      The fields I am most interested in are City, State, Postal Code and Country.  If I can scrub these four fields, we can start to fix them in the source data.  We have about 8,000 addresses to scrub.  Most appear to be correct, but many are incorrect.


      Ideally, I can write code in the script and pass in a long list of rows of these four fields and receive back notification about which rows failed to lookup.


      Any and all ideas are appreciated.  We have the local map server installed, if that helps.