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    App ID in Qlik Sense Server

    Wieke Hullegie

      Hi all,


      I am developing in Qlik Sense Desktop an app for a customer. This app contains serveral textfiles for the data load script. I imported this app on the client's Qlik Sense server and the app gets an ID. I have to use this ID in the data connection (this is the name of the directory in which the textfiles are stored after adding this files to the app with 'App Contents') which I use for this textfiles. This works fine.

      But when I change something in the app, I have to import the app again on the server and the app gets a new ID. Every time I do this I have to change the dataconnection.


      Is there another way to do this?




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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Wieke,


          See the following community post:



          Specifically, this section


          1. Upload External scripts to the Repository (each one named with the id of the app instance). As an example, ffac6ed6-98d2-4e22-8f1f-f7f99362f475.txt having a line:

          SET vExtParam='SomeValue';

          2. Within the app create a Folder Data Connection, name it Scripts

          3. Within the the Data Load Editor use the following

          SET vDocName=DocumentName();

          SET vPath='lib://Scripts/' & ${vDocName} & '.txt)';



          LOAD ..... WHERE Condition='$(vExtParam)';


          4. Create as many copies of the app, as you need. For each copy, upload .txt file with the same id, as the app.


          If I understood what you need, this way you would'nt have to change the dataconnection, it would be a generic one to some folder, with files with the app ID name for each copy of the app.


          Hope it helps.