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    Counting the number of selected days as standard value.

    Yücel Özer

      Dear Friends,


      I have month selected and the number of total days of April is 14  as used/filled days is 14 for  April.


      I want to calculate measure (Y axis) / dimension (X axis)  by using the number of days,30 ( the number of days of April), not 14.


      So, when I select 2 months or 1 year, the number of days should be added as a total number of selected days. (For example, when March and April selected, the result should be : 31+30 =61, And I need the value of "(Y axis) / (X axis)"


      Could you please help me about the correct script on that.


      I already used the master calender but the result remains same, the real number of days is14 for April.


      Thanks and regards.