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    QVD created but not data stored

    Tad Peterson

      I have an issue with writing data to qvd. I have a query like this:



      Temp_Tranform_data: // Main transformation query of fact table.



          Date(Floor(startDateTime - (60/24/60)),'MM/DD/YYYY') as 'Date', // convert from EST to CST


      From [lib://My_qvd_path\tblcalldetail.qvd](qvd)

      Where [conditions];


      Store Temp_Tranform_data into [lib://My_qvd_path\IBcalldetail_hr.qvd](qvd);

      Drop Table Temp_Transform_data;



      Then when I go to load the data from [lib://My_qvd_path\IBcalldetail_hr.qvd](qvd), there are only the column headers and no data. I've tried using different directories and loading to different files hoping it was a weird glitch  with no luck. Has anyone encountered this issue?