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    Updated Healthcare and Wellness Apps on Qlik Cloud

    Joe Warbington

      If you'd like to get access to a number of healthcare and wellness apps on Qlik Sense Cloud, please send me a request to gain access:

      Request access to Qlik Healthcare apps

      Interested in more of the use of Qlik in the healthcare space? Join our Qlik Healthcare communities on Qlik Community and LinkedIn.

      Here's a look at some of the healthcare (and other) apps available. I'm open to requests for new apps too. Enjoy!

      2017-07-18 08_21_13-Qlik Cloud Hub.png


      Apps include:

      • Overview Healthcare app - resources and links to all things Qlik Healthcare related.
      • Academic Grant Program - free licenses and educational access to qualified students and professors
      • The Healthcare App Library - a catalog of over 1000 apps from our customers
      • Apple Health - a dashboard for Apple HealthKit data
      • Cerner + Qlik - explore the partnership and integrations
      • CMS Star Rankings - compare health plans across the nation
      • Diabetes Discovery - population health app allows physicians and care coordinators to discover patients underdiagnosed/undiagnosed for diabetes to help close care gaps. Full app here: Qlik Demos
      • Emergency Department - find areas of improvement for ED patient flow and quality
      • Epic + Qlik - explore the Qlik Epic partnership and technology integrations
      • Epic ASAP ED - learn how Qlik can connect to data out of Epic Chronicles to get real-time insights in your ED
      • FDA Adverse Drug Events - which drugs caused the most harm, by drug class, pharmaceutical company, drug, etc.
      • Healthcare Financial Analyzer - find opportunities within your revenue cycle programs
      • HHS Wall of Shame - which health providers and systems have leaked the most data about patients? Related to cybersecurity.
      • Immunization Tracking - find opportunities for flu shots to protect your immuno-compromised populations
      • CMS Hospital Compare - compare your healthcare facility to another hospital on key quality metrics
      • NSF Funding - which universities received the most grants and in what areas?
      • Opioid Recovery Meds - the opioid epidemic continues to spread. Which communities need the most help?
      • Pcori Awards - The Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institution provides generous grants to universities and groups performing research in number of key healthcare areas
      • Population Health - your EHR only captures so much about your patients. Includes County Health Rankings data from the RWJF.
      • Qlik Continuous Classroom (QCC) - learning doesn't always have to be in a classroom. On-demand modules to enhance your Qlik ninja status.
      • Referrals - were are you seeing referral leakage in your community and to your competitors?
      • Surgical Performance - SCIP to my lou with key surgical quality indicators and OR flow optimizations
      • Virtual Hospital - explore a number of use cases across various departments and service lines in healthcare
      • Worse Than Death - what do people consider to be "worse than death"? Fascinating results.


      Updated apps for healthcare on Qlik Cloud. Enjoy!