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    Cannot get postal code lookup to work outside the US

    Kevin Pinto

      Hi all,


      I have started to work with postal codes in Qlik GeoAnalytics 5.8.1 using QlikView, but cannot get them to work outside the US.


      In the US, a lookup using a composite field of Postal Code, State Code, Country Code works, e.g.

      78749, TX, US


      I can use this in both Bubble and Area layers.


      Outside the US, I have tried several options and neither work in either Bubble or Area layers:



      H1B 5A1, QC, CA

      H1B 5A1, QC, CA:XPC

      H1B5A1, QC, CA

      H1B5A1, QC, CA:XPC


      The same results apply to any non-US country.


      What does work to some degree:

      Montreal, QC, CA (in the Bubble layer)


      But of course, the resolution of the postal codes is lost.


      Perhaps I am doing something wrong.  Any suggestions are appreciated.