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    Mixed workflow: in-memory and Direct Discovery

    Giuseppe Ciampanelli


      I would like to build a QV data model that allows me to switch from the QV in-memory mode to the direct discovery (DD) mode.


      For example, I want to load (fully) in memory, in a QV classic way, a Fact Table aggregated at level of  Dim1,Dim2,Measure.

      This could be the "normal use case".

      In some cases, details from a Dim3 could be required then, I would like to "drill" in a DD mode because the huge volume of data.

      Also, I want to show only the Dim3 values  related to the current selection on Dim1,Dim2 before the DD mode switch.


      Dim1=City  >>in memory

      Dim2=Shop >>in memory

      [Dim3]=Product>>in memory by  DD

      Measure= Qty Sold (in memory or from DB depending on the level of my navigation request)


      Is it possible to manage both the fact tables ,memory+DD, and switching between them?

      Does Anyone already tried this?


      Hope it's clear.


      Thanks a lot  in advance