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    Qlik Sense Desktop 3.2 SR4 - new problem with startup

    Kevin Pinto

      Numerous people have had numerous problems just getting Qlik Sense Desktop to start up properly.  With 3.2 SR4 I am one of the lucky ones to report a new problem - a failure to logon.


      This requirement to login to Qlik just to use the Desktop is a nasty requirement and needs to be removed altogether or greatly reworked.  I sometimes travel offline and this will prevent me from using Qlik Sense Desktop on a flight or remote location.


      Here is the problem:


      Step 1

      I am presented with the new login requirement.  I enter the username and password which I know work elsewhere on Qlik's site.  I check Remember password.

      QS Login Bug 1.png


      Step 2

      I am presented with a false statement that my username and password is incorrect.  I wasted a lot of time but finally stumbled upon clicking on the green Customer Support link as shown in the picture:


      QS Login Bug 2.png


      Step 3:

      The "Customer Support" link throws me into a screen that does not appear immediately useful.  However, if I scroll to the right, I find a Login link as shown below.  I click on it to see what happens.

      QS Login Bug 3.png


      Step 4:

      And finally, I am in Qlik Sense Desktop's hub and can proceed to work!


      QS Login Bug 4.png

      I have to repeat these steps Every. Single. Time.  I start Qlik Sense Desktop.


      Dear Qlik:  This login "feature" adds absolutely no value to your customers and will in fact prevent them from doing any work if they are not connected to the Internet.  These kinds of bugs reduce Qlik's reputation for developing quality software.  Please take this out and focus on making Qlik Sense more reliable and robust.