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    NPrinting 17 - Metadata stuck in Generating for QV app with section access

    Kris Markee

      I am wondering if anyone can provide some advice on what might be wrong.  I have QlikView 12.1 and NPrinting 17.3 and all of my NP connections generate metadata just fine when I don't have Section Access in the QV app, but for some reason my QV app with Section Access incorporated continues to be stuck in "Generating" mode with regards to reloading metadata in my NP connection.  I have the NP service account user part of my Section Access in the QV doc, I am using my account (I have Admin role in NP web console, and am also part of the Section Access in the QV doc) in the Identity field for my NP connection under the server authentication piece, and my domain account info is entered into my User info in NP web console.  Thanks in advance for your help.