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    Ibrahim Aslan

      Hi Friends,


      I have a question about Intervalmatch. I have PO table like this:





      And a table within the prices:


      WerksSupplierMaterialPriceStart DateEnd Date
      0001Sup56Mat321100 €01.01.201531.12.2015
      0001Sup56Mat321150 €01.01.201631.12.2016
      0001Sup75Mat32190 €01.01.201731.12.2017


      So now I want to have the result if I click on the Ord123 with the Date 13.01.2016, that the correct price is 150€.

      I think the Key should be: Werks&Supplier&Material


      But I don't know how to make the intervalmatch.

      Can you please help me?