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    sum of Rows in a table

    Глеб Аитов



      I have a table

      Column(1) = class(sales, 500)

      Coulmn(2) = count (distinct Brand) / count (distinct total Brand)


      The problem is that the column(2) does not sum up to 100%. I know the reason - some of my Brands have zero on negative Sales, or just don't have names (accounting software bug). I solved this by "Not showing zero values" in the Dimension in table properties, but I need to do something with Column(2) in order not to count those values as well.

      The easiest way is to calculate Sum of Rows of the Column (1) and redo the formula:

      Column(2) = Column (1) / [sum of rows of column (1)]

      Is the way to achieve this? In fact i need a reference to a total (50 in my example).

      Thank you