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    Reply value wich is in the same column

    Axel Vazquez

      Hi everyone ! I have an excel to import wich have two columns, one of those, have the code and the group and the other column has the description .


      Like this :


      CODE          DESCRIPTION


      EXAMPLE1     abcde

      102030             abcde

      10424               abcde

      EXAMPLE2     skdfslk   

      11234               sdkf

      32809                lsksj

      94385               klajlkfj 


      I need to be finish like this :


      CODE          DESCRIPTION            CODE_NAME


      EXAMPLE1     abcde                    EXAMPLE1    

      102030             abcde                    EXAMPLE1    

      10424               abcde                    EXAMPLE1    

      EXAMPLE2     skdfslk                   EXAMPLE2    

      11234               sdkf                    EXAMPLE2    

      32809                lsksj                    EXAMPLE2    

      94385               klajlkfj                 EXAMPLE2    

      I 've already try to use for each like this :

      for each a in FieldValueList('B')

      LOAD if(WildMatch($(a),'CAPITULO*')>0,$(a)) as Capitulo AutoGenerate 2;

      NEXT a


      But it doesn't work