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    Graph Price by date without year


      Hi there,

      I wonder what is the best way to a graph to show a price curve with year as dimension but with date too.

      I mean that for exemple i have the rate USD-GBP from 2000 until today with day price. What i want to do is a chart that show those curve by day-month. I mean that for example on the 03-April on my horizontal axis, i have 9 price on my vertical one corresponding to the price on 03-April-2000,03-April-2001 but at the same level.

      This should look as enclosed.

      Thanks for your help.


        • Graph Price by date without year



          Yes, this can be done. First you should a dimension with represents the Year. I don't know what your data looks like, but if you had a field containing only the year that would be fine. Secondly you need to have a domension that contains the MMDD. promote the Year to be first and the MMDD to be second.

          I normally break my dates up so that I have a separate field for YYYY, MM and DD.