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    Qlik Sense not opening on Apple (Safari)

    Jeroen Hofsteenge

      Hello Qlik people,


      I`m running into an issue that is driven me up the wall.
      A client of mine wants to open the Qlik Sense page from a short-cut placed on the home screen of his iPhone.

      Now the problem is, its method works perfectly fine on my Android phone (OnePlus 3) but Sense refuses to open on the iPhone.


      What happens is that we both get a log-in page but after putting in our credentials the Android shows the Sense hub.
      However, on the iPhone the page shows nothing. No error, no bubbles, no hub.

      If the iPhone users goes directly to "https://qliksenseserver.nl/hub/my/work" he can log-in, no problems what so ever.

      Both users have the same rights and both try to connect to Sense by mobile network (4G).


      Has anyone else experienced a similar problem? If you have any tips or help please let me know.


      Best regards,