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    Monica Labrador


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          Eliran Sanor

          Hi Monica,


          Please check 'Consumer good sales' model in the samples provided by Qlik, under 'Sales & Margin Analysis' sheet.

          You will be able to achieve something similar to what you wanted, but the colors will look a bit different out of the box.

          You achieve this by going to : Appearance - Colors and legend - tick the auto from color, set it 'By measure', write the expression of your choice (Measure) and choose your desired color schema.


          Another approach if you want to use the colors of your choice, is coloring with the help of colormix1 function.

          For example: ColorMix1(Sum ([Sales Amount])/Sum (total [Sales Amount]),white(),rgb(8,70,147))

          Where the first value of colormix is a number ranged from 0-1 (In my example, the sales % of each state), and the other variables are the colors you want (in my case, I took your desired dark blue, and white).



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          Hope it helps,


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            aparna v

            Hi Monica,


            You can use Show/Hide container extension available in Qlik Branch  to drill down your maps.