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    Internal engine error when I add a filter

    Sylvain Marcil



      I am new to Qlik Sence and I am now responsible of a project that was using CSV files.

      I have exported the application that was on a server and I have imported it on a new server.

      I modified the data loads for use a SQL Server ODBC connection instead of the CSV files.


      All the sheets work well and they show good results.


      When I add a filter in a sheet, I get the message "Internal engine error".

      When I look into the log file LTP-SMARCIL_Service_Engine.txt, I have the following message:


      56               20170626T161644.699-0400        ERROR  LTP-SMARCIL     5005b204-ea8c-45a9-a9c8-d0bf87f39dae    20170626T161644.699-0400             Command=GenericObject::GetLayout;Result=-128;ResultText=Error: Internal error        8cd20d13-cdb6-424b-b88e-5caf98f5d058              401be557-cd0d-4f89-809c-160867810cd2    644         BLI          sylvain marcil     0              Not available      Engine  Not available                GenericObject::GetLayout           GenericObject::GetLayout           -128                       5005b204-ea8c-45a9-a9c8-d0bf87f39dae


      I tried to search some answers on the forum and with Google but I didn't find any.


      I think there may be an old reference in my sheet, but I don't know where to look.


      I’m using Qlik Sense 3.2 SR4 (qliksenseserver : 10.28.2)


      Thank you for your help !