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    table view in qlik sense

    Beck Bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      after several attempts i did not find solution for my issue,i tried to solve this issue with the help of many extensions, but i didn't achieve the expected result.


      i want to ask, have anybody any idea how can i make this table view (see attached screenshot). It is possible to solve this issue with another solutions?


      Thanks a lot for your feedback and help



        • Re: table view in qlik sense
          Mark Ritter

          Does this have to be a single table or could you split it in two and have them associated?  If you can do that then you might be able to just use two standard tables.


          If not then I think your only choice is to work with a Pivot Table.  Without seeing the actual data model I am not sure what you would have to do exactly to get it close to this.