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    How to RELOAD a QVW Document from Server with Section Access

    Juan Pedro

      Hello Every One!
      I´ve the following problem: I want to reload a document and I want that this document will be only available for certain people in the Access Point.


      I´ve the following:


      **Document propierties:

      Opening --> Initial Data Reduction BAsed.... Checked
      Opening --> Strict Exclusion  Uncheked

      Server --> Filter Acces Point Document  List BAsed..... Checked


      I also have the following Script

      Section Access;

      LOAD * INLINE [

          ACCESS, NTNAME

          ADMIN, SAN\XXXX

          ADMIN, SAN\XXXXX


      Section Application;



      **On QMC:

      System --> Setup --> Security --> NTFS Auhtorization




      So the problem is that I can reload the document directly opening the file and CTR+R, but when I try to use the Task in the server for do that I have the following error


      (2017-06-27 13:42:15) Error: Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.

      (2017-06-27 13:42:15) Information: Attempted to load the document without data.

      (2017-06-27 13:42:15) Error: The document failed to open.




      Any Idea??  I´ve read many post about this topic and I thought it would be easier