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    QlikSense data field with variable


      Hi Everyone ,


      I am trying to parse a variable value which uses a field (Year) created in one of the tables. The code is below


      SET  e_current_year = "=IF(CalendarType='Calendar', (IF(MAX(Year)>YEAR(TODAY()), MAX(Year)-1, MAX(Year))) ,

      IF(MATCH(NUM(Month(Today())), 1,2,3)>0, (IF(MAX([Financial Year])>YEAR(TODAY()), MAX([Financial Year])-1,

      MAX([Financial Year]))), MAX([Financial Year])))";



      i am getting the error as:


      The following error occurred:

      Unexpected token: '>', expected nothing


      Unexpected token: '>', expected nothing

      The error occurred here:

      trace =IF(CalendarType='Calendar', (IF(MAX([Year])>>>>>>><<<<<<YEAR(TODAY()), MAX([Year])-1, MAX([Year]))) ,


      Please help.