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    Multiple Field UI Extension on a sheet fails to select default values

    Oren Nitzan

      This Qlik Branch extension has issues. I run into the situation of having several filters on a sheet that needed default values.

      I have noticed that only one of them was selected when the sheet was loaded.

      After digging into the js code I have found that it picked up an id for the element that is taken from the wrapping Qlik environment.

      ** id: layout.qInfo.qId,

      So if you have multiple FieldUI elements they ultimately have the same id. And that is not good when js needs to work on a specific element, for example, select a cell within an element.

      My solution was to duplicate the extension folder, manipulate the file names and content with a unique name like Field UI F1[2...N],

      zipped and import them for all elements that needed default values (in my case 3).

      It did the work, although it is a rough solution.

      I thought of adding a random number to the id in the js (that worked fine and could solve the issue of manipulating and duplicating the extension) but found out that Qlik is wrapping the elements with it's own Angular div that i couldn't reach.

      Hope it will help someone.

      If anyone knows a better way, I'll be glad to learn.