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    what is the best way to reduce the file size ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      I have QVW file , i like to reduce the file size .


      what i did is i remove the old data. That is my sales order table have sales from 1997 till 2017.


      So what i do is to remove the 1997 till 2013 data. as those old data we don;t need to analyse.




      LOAD *

      RESIDENT sales WHERE




        Year_n < 4;


      DROP TABLES sales;


      When i using the above script to remove those old data only keep last 4 year data.


      Year_n = 1 is current sales

      Year_n = 2 is last year sales

      Above work fine , but it affect my sales target report.

      Can some one advise me how to reduce the file size and not affect my report ?


      Paul Yeo