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    Qlik Sense pivot table-sort second dimension by expression (inside first dimension)

    Catalin Plitea



      I have a simple pivot table in Qlik Sense with 2 dim (Category, Name) and one measure Sum(Points).


      I would like to order the second dimension (Name) inside the first dimension (Category) by the same expression as the measure - Sum(Points).


      If I sort Name dimension by Sum(Points) I don't get desired result and I see why.

      I understand that n4 is the first by Sum(Points) if I take into consideration all Categories and that is why it is shown first also in Category 2 (even though in that Category there is n1 with 7 Points).


      Is there a way to have the Name dimension sorted inside each Category correct ? In other words, is it possible to sort the second dim by an expression that would calculate inside each Category from the first dimension ?

      So, for Category 1 the order would be : n4, n2, n1, n3, n5.

           For Category 2:                                 n1, n3, n4, n2, n5

                  Category 3:                                n5, n4, n1, n2, n3 




      I would like a solution for Sense.

      I have attached simple sample data.

      The app is just one pivot table, easier to do than to download and place in app folder, but it is also attached.


      Thank you for your time.



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