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    Totals in a pivot-table missing, workaround with AGGR?

    Herbert van Hoogdalem



      Please consider the following pivot table:



      Please note that the factor1 is the same for all dimensions, hence the total.

      The problem is I cannot think of a good way to get the correct total under factor2

      If i use the expression "Fact * MAX( TOTAL <Region,manager> factor2  ) I obviously get the wrong total because it uses the maximum factor2 on all lines.

      I've been trying to get this to work with an AGGR function but I can't seem to pull it off, maybe I'm not thinking in the right way..

      AGGR( factor2, Region, manager ) gives me the correct value per line but not a total (as you can see)


      Anyone care to help me with this?


      Kind regards,