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    After adding script on reduce the file size , how to know it will not affect the report ?

    Yeo Poh sai

      Hi All


      Recently i want to make my QVW file size below 25 Mb. So i add below script into my QVW file. it work fine and can reduce the file size to what i want.




      LOAD *

      RESIDENT sales WHERE

        Year_n < 4

      DROP TABLES sales;


      But the issue is it affect some of the report on sales vs target , the target amount become zero.


      For this case Lucky for me i only make one changes. and since the target amount all become zero , i know it is due to add above script. Otherwise i will not be able to figure why ?


      My question is after adding new script , how to know it will create any side effect ? Or how to prevent this kind of problem from happening again ?