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    using a excel pie chart with nprinting

    Andy Weir

      Hi Guys


      Im using NP17.3 with Qlik Sense.


      I had pie charts coming through from Sense under levels nicely but one of the feedback from the client ws they didnt want the pie chart to flip from % to value when the value was 100%.  Part of Sense being helpful but in reporting they want consitency or format.


      So I've looked into replacing the image with a excel generated chart which ive done,






      All nice a pretty but when I add the other levels in around it the pie chart doesn't generate as Id expect.



      2 Issues I see.  1 the data source jumps a row. 2 it only applies to the first cut of the level.   Result in screenshot in below post.  What am I doing wrong when it comes to implementing the chart in a multi level sheet.  It only seeems to work with one level and thats the table.