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    Choice of monetary units for displaying numeric values

    Elena Default

      How in the click sense
      I can realize the possibility of choosing monetary units to display numerical values in different formats, an example in billions, millions, thousands?
      For example, you need to display a report with a display of monetary units in billions, millions, and so on.
      I made a variant of displaying currency units through the expression:



      But this option is not suitable, because for each output field, you need to write such a transformation in the expression.
      And if I want to change the unit of measurement, accordingly, I need to change the code everywhere.
      Is it possible to do something at a global level?
      And also to realize the possibility of selecting units of measurements using the button? For example:





      Thank you!
      Yours faithfully,



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          Jaume Criballés Faja



          This is only a suggestion. You can create an Inline table with all the mesuares that you want to transform your numeric values. Something like that:



          Hundreds -> 100

          Thousands -> 1000



          Then you can create a list box with only showing the field Type_Mesure. In this way the user will be able to select how to see the data.


          Then you need to modify your expressions with something like this:




          Then depending on the selections the Numeric_value will be transformed. If any selections is done, the field will be showing with no transformation.

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            Vladimir Komarov


            You can use Qlik's "Auto Number Formatting option" as well.

            It usually works for common case (Thousands, Millions, Billions)....

            Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 9.55.02 AM.png

            The only problem with KPIs will be the currency formatting issue (it's not supported in Auto-mode) , so I've added some text for the title..