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    Using Set Analysis to filter table data

    Mohamed Ilyas Pitchai Mohamed

      Dear All



      I have a straight table to show the details of Active employees.

      I have used this expression in "EMPLY_ID" field  "=if(EmpActive=1,EMPLY_ID)" and unchecked "Show null values" which is working exactly as the way i wanted.


      I would like to know if i can use Set Analysis for this purpose?

      The reason being, i would like to filter also by another condition.



      I am also facing another issue. I have put a filter "EmpType" which has three distinct values D, F & L. I'm showing the EmpType as one of the column in this table. But when i select "F" type in filter, my table is not showing only F type employees. It still shows all records.


      Is this due to the condition i put in EMPLY_ID field?