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    Expression: Total Mode in a Pivot, how does it work?

    Christian Schmitz



      I am using following Expression in a Pivot, and I am wondering how my Totals are calculated. Because under Tab "Expressions" the "Total Mode" is shown greyed out and set to "Total Expression".



      sum([volume]) + sum(Min_Triggered_calc), sum([volume])*sum(Min_Triggered_calc))


      The reason behind this formula is following:


      If the field Min_Triggered_calc is smaller than 0, the value (+5 or +10) should be add to the field value volume, if it is bigger than 0, the value (0,9)should be multiplied with the value from the field volume.


      In the Min_Triggered_calc field there are +5,10 OR 0,9 as possibility.


      I am asking how the logic is due to the fact, that my total in this pivot seems to be corrupt. It is not summing up correctly. I guess its because of the OR logic (multiplicaton or summing up)?