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    Money number format

    Francesco Leoni

      Hi All,


      Would it be possible in Qlik Sense to change dynamically the money format in a chart, when you select a currency?


      meaning: I have 2 amounts one in USD and one in GBP. when I select the USD I would like to show the $ sing in the chart, when I select the GBP I would like to show the  £ sign.


      Thanks in advance,


        • Re: Money number format
          Andrey Khoronenko

          Hi Francesco,

          Did a little work with your task (look attached file). Unfortunately, it was not possible to achieve a beautiful option. Formatting MONEY() works fine for only one currency option (see the expression in Table 1). As soon as I add the second condition for formatting the result, all the formatting disappears and the output is just a numeric representation (Table 2). I can not explain this behavior. Qlik Sense.

          As a workaround, you can leave a numerical representation of the conversions, and synchronously change the currency with a choice in the text field above the chart (Table 3). I think this is a suitable option for visualization.