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    Sum totals where field = 'x'

    Kyle Evans
      PartLoad DateSegmentTotals
      123456-1235/29/2017Total Forecast2800
      123456-1235/29/2017Open Order100
      123456-1236/29/2017Total Forecast5000
      123456-1236/29/2017Open Order224




      I have learned a lot from reading the forums and finally decided to post after struggling to figure out what would allow me to do the following.  I am not working on anything specific but for my own self paced learning and wanted to understand how something could be done. In the example above I have multiple columns, one of which is segment.  In segment for each part the 3 key values are always populated (Total Forecast, Shipments, Open Orders). What I am looking to do is have a KPI that shows only the total forecast when a particular part and load date are selected.   I know I am missing something simple. I have several KPI's from other sources that I have working, however, they do not require a field filter to only look at one component.


      The result I am looking for would be the KPI box and say I selected in my filter pane's the part and load date of 6/29, I would expect the KPI result to show 5000, if I unselected the data it would show the combined 7800.


      I hope this makes sense.