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    Salamon Musayev




      I have a field called visitCount.  Using this field, I calculate sum of visit that client had ie  sum(visitCount).


      I would like to create a flag, that would allow me to select client that had more that 6 visits.


      I have been trying to  --         if(sum(visitCount) > 6, 'y', 'n') but it has not worked.


      Can anyone suggest an alternative method of tackling this issue.



      Thank you,

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          Sunny Talwar

          Are you doing this in the script? Make sure you use Group by clause if you are doing this in the script

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              Salamon Musayev

              not in the data load editor

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                  Sunny Talwar

                  Then where?

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                      Salamon Musayev

                      Each record under the visitCount has  a value of 1 for a visit.

                      I created a table with the following field

                      id| ClientName|  Start Year| Start Month| #ofVisits [which is  sum(visitCount)], Morethan6VisitFlag

                      1      AA               2017           2                  10                                                       y

                      2      AB               2017           3                   4                                                        n

                      3     AC               2017           3                    2                                                        n


                      Separately I would like to create a flag when there are more than 6 visits.


                      Hope this helps,


                      if there is another method to do it, then I would be glad to learn.


                      Thank you

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                  kevin vargas

                  Hi Salamon Musayev, in this case if u mention that the fiel visitcount save number 1 for each visit i think the correct form for u solution would be this.


                  1. Do the load of Your table, for the fuield countvisit must be a count(), in order to count all the visits for each Clientname, for this the group by, and in the superior part of the table a precedent load giving it the codition for the flag.






                  if(VISITCOUNTER>6,'Y', 'N') AS FLAG;




                      "  Start Year",

                      "Start Month",

                      COUNT(visitcount) as VISITCOUNTER

                  FROM [table_source]

                  GROUP BY id, ClientName, "  Start Year", "Start Month";


                  I could undertand this, if I am wrong please let me know.