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    Sum total excluding dimension in table

    Brigitte Van den Abeele


      This is my first question on the QlikSense Community, so I hope I enter everything correctly.

      I created a table and added the following expression as a measure: sum(Total {<Flag_TicTacUniverse={1},Wave>} IsMeuble)

      I want to calculate the sum of IsMeuble where the Flag_TicTacUniverse= 1, but the total needs to be filtered by the Wave in the table.

      Enclosed I attach the result of the table where Total Meubles is the result of the expression I created.

      The result of Total Meubles is not correct, because it's taking the total of Wave 1 + Wave 2, but should be taking the total PER wave.

      Wave 1 should have 10160 as a result and Wave 2 should have 560 as a result.

      Can someone please let me know how I can correct my expression to make this work?

      Many thanks in advance and kind regards,

      Brigitte Van den Abeele