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    How to change the dimension value name in the chart

    Susanta Pradhan

      Hi, I was doing a check and got the below doubt. Could somebody help me on this?

      I have two data sets for example as below kept in two tabs of the attached excel file. In the first tab, I have EmpID and Name. In the second tab, I have EmpID, Salary, and some other fields.

      The issue is there are some EmpID whose name is not present but salary and other details are present. So, when I create a bar graph with Name as dimension and Sum(Salary) as expression, I got a dash symbol for the salary whose names are not there in my database. I want to change the dash symbol to some other word such as 'Unknown'. How to change it?

      Please find the source data in two tabs of the Excel file and my chart as an image below.