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    How to skip an expression when there is a zero value in part?

    Austin Cornwell

      Here is the current code,


      ((Alt(sum(if(Month='January',GP))/sum(if(Month='January',[Extended Amount])),0)-(Alt(sum(if(Month='February',GP))/sum(if(Month='February',[Extended Amount])),0)

      +Alt(sum(if(Month='February',GP))/sum(if(Month='February',[Extended Amount])),0)-(Alt(sum(if(Month='March',GP))/sum(if(Month='March',[Extended Amount])),0)

      +Alt(sum(if(Month='March',GP))/sum(if(Month='March',[Extended Amount])),0)-(Alt(sum(if(Month='April',GP))/sum(if(Month='April',[Extended Amount])),0)

      +Alt(sum(if(Month='April',GP))/sum(if(Month='April',[Extended Amount])),0)-(Alt(sum(if(Month='May',GP))/sum(if(Month='May',[Extended Amount])),0))))))



      So basically, I am taking January's GP % less February's + February's less March’s, etc.


      However, if there are no sales in one of those months, it is skewing the data by either not subtracting anything or subtracting a full months number from 0. How do I make that particular part of the equation not factor in when one of the months has no sales?