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    QlikSense - Filter selection affecting charts

    Pooja Sivakumari


      Is it possible to restrict selection made on a particular value in a list box to not affect a chart ?

      for example,

      I have a list box with MonthNames.

      and I have a bar chart which displays Revenue by Months. This chart should omit the Months June and July in the x-axis.

      When i select the Months - June or July on the filter, the chart should remain unaffected by the selection, while for any other selection apart from these 2 months, the chart should display the corresponding data.


      i wrote an expression like -

      sum({<Year={2012,2013,2014},if( Wildmatch(Month,'Ju*'),Month=) >}  Sales)


      Doesn't seem to be working..it does skip June and July from the chart, but when i select these months in the filter, i get a "no data to display message"


      Can someone please help here?