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    Chart axes changes from 100% to 1.0 on selection

    Tom Neal

      Hi All,


      I tried to create a mock QVW but couldn't replicate what I have in my main QVW.


      I have a combo chart bar/line with axes totalling 100%  Overall it's fine and looks how it should.  However when I click on a date which does not have a line value the axes changes from 100% to 1.0.  Below is the chart without selections.


      The bars are stacked to 100% which is perfect and the lines also show as a percentage.


      The problem occurs when I click on a date without a Total field value.  For this example I click on dates Aug 16 and Sep 16.


      You'll see the axes changes now to 1.0 instead of 100%.

      Each bar expression looks like the following for it's respective field.




      The "thin" and "total" expressions are just calling the field value which is between 0-1.

      I have selected in the number tab "show in Percent (%)" .


      Any ideas?