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    Variables in QlikSense

    Gabriele Formici

      Hi everyone,

      I've created four different variables as follows, however they're not working as expected. I'd like to know whether my reasoning was right or not.


      1. I have a range selection of dates. Let's say, in a filter box, I've selected all dates from (DD/MM/YYYY)

          06/03/2013    to    07/05/2013              Field I'm taking into account is [Date picker]


      2. I've set this variable, vMinDate

          =min([Date picker])

          this should return 06/03/2013


      3. Third variable vYearDate


          this should return 2013.


      4. Fourth variable vYearJan


          This should return 01/01/2013


      Basically, selecting 06/03/2013 to 07/05/2013 in my [Date picker], by specyfing $('vYearJan') in an expression, I should get 01/01/2013.


      Am I right? Or am I mistaking something while specifying these variables?

      Thanks for your help.