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    count on drill down dimension

    Eric Hannert

      Hi comm,


      I m trying to count with a drill-down-dimension but i allways get wrong results.

      I have a drilldown from order to orderposition to art_nr. I want to count the articles with a status unter 70.

      So I thought about


      when I use it I get the right results on orderlvl but on orderpositionlvl I get the same amount for both. For example I have 17 articles on order 1 and position 1. But 0 on order 1 position 2. but with this i get 17 on both positions.

      Also thought about aggr but couldn't find something that works. Hope someone can help

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          Eric Hannert

          using this:


          I get the right result on order and orderposition lvl but not on art_nr lvl!

          cause when i drillt down to orderposition its right 1 has 17 and 2 has 0 articles.

          But when i go into position 2 with 0 articles i see the same 17 articles from oderposition 1.

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            Sunny Talwar

            Would you be able to share a sample to show the issue?

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                Eric Hannert

                Im sorry i cant give an example of my data away but here is a little table as an example


                table 1 this is the ordertabel where i get the orders and theyre must have amoutn of articles

                company | order | orderposition

                1                 1          1

                1                 1          2

                2                 1          1

                2                 2          1


                and then we have table 2 and in there we find the articles which we got

                company | order | art | orderposition1

                1                  1     ab          1

                1                  1     bc          1

                1                  1     cd          1

                1                  1     de          1

                2                  1     gh          1

                2                  2      jg          1


                hope i got it right. and like u see there are 2 orderpositions for order 1 but only one has articles.

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                  Eric Hannert

                  Also worth noticing is that in table two u dont have order1 and position 2 cause there are no articles for it.

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                    Eric Hannert

                    Hi Sunny,


                    using GetCurrentField() on the drill down dimension would be nice to use but is not available. is there any workaround so I can create a the count function specific for each lvl of the drilldown?