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    Concatenate Year and Month whitin a Function

    Luis Carmona Martínez



      I have a Variable call that has $1 related to the a Yearmonth variable.


      The Followin formula is producing the expected result, so it´s OK.


      $(vKPI_CLI_PED($(=text($(vAnyoPedIso)*100 +1))))


      vKPI_CLI_PED: This is my variable, that has not problems at all.

      The $(1) of the vKPI_CLI_PEDis then replaced for ($(=text($(vAnyoPedIso)*100 +1)))

      vAnyoPedIso result is 2017 (year), That when is multiplied by 100 and plus 1 will endup being 201701 (201700+1)

      I need now to produce something different for this Time formula.

      Concatenate text($(vAnyoPedIso) with OnlyNumberMonth.

      • vOnlynumberMonth is a dimension has the following values for 12 months: 01, 02, 03, 04....12 

      But I am not able to produce the right result with CONCATENATE, please any help??

      I was trying something like:

      $(vKPI_CLI_PED($(=Concat(text($(vAnyoPedIso),OnlyNumberMonth ))))

      But is not working.