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    Load measures from Excel in QlikSense

    Shoaib Ahmed

      Hi All,


      Currently i am loading all variables successfully from an excel file into Qlikview via below script. Is there any way to load the same variables into QlikSense measures from the same excel file having dimensions as MeasureName, MeasureExpression, Description, Tags.

      Concatenate LOAD Variable,

      Expression as vExpression

      FROM [C:\.............\Expressions.xlsx]

      (ooxml, embedded labels, table is PLDynCYPY);



      Let vNoOfRows = NoOfRows('Expressions');

      For vI = 0 to (vNoOfRows - 1)

      Let vName_Variable = Peek('Variable',vI,'Expressions');

      Let [$(vName_Variable)] = Peek('vExpression',vI,'Expressions');