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    Predefined filters

    Luis Madriz

      Hi, SAP Business Objects allows the creation of predefined filters. Those predefined filters are basically a combination of conditions for the data that will be shown. These conditions are together using different logical operators and priorities. For example, (Country = 'US') or (('Argentina' and AGE >= 30) or Visa = 'Granted') or any combination that might make business sense... not like the one I just wrote. These filters are usually created to allow quicker reporting and they are named after the business scenario. A regular filter is around 5-10 conditions. We talking about around 40 dimensions, 15 measures and possibly around 10 filters


      Is there any equivalent of this in Qlik Sense?

      or is it something to be done during data preparation?


      We're not developing anything in Qlik Sense yet but I'm doing a gap analysis to see what sort of features may be missed when we migrate, or what are the possible workarounds.


      I value your thoughts, many thanks,