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    Cumulative measure using dimension

    Martin SIRBU

      Hello from France

      I ve got a nice question for you

      DATE_Beg is my Dimension

      I want to have 2 Measures on my graph.

      The First is OK : Cumulative of Beginnings

      rangesum( above( COUNT([ID_RECORD]),0,rowno()))

      The Second False is easy to calculate but false:

      rangesum( above( COUNT([DATE_End]),0,rowno()))

      In effect, For my graph, I want the Cumul of RECORD who have ended at the date of the Dimension. It would be something like that...

      rangesum( above( COUNT( {< DATE_End= {" < MAX(DATE_Beg)"} >}  DATE_End)



      Do you have any idea of the way to calculate this second measure????


      Thank you very much!!