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    IF Statement to give Output

    Erwin Vullers

      Hi there,


      I'm new to Qlik Sense, I normaly use POWER BI but our company is implementing Qlik Sense as the new standard.


      I'm trying the following,  have a colomn with a date in it.

      I want a new colomn with 3 values based on this date field.


      If the date field is empty it should give a  "-"

      If the date field is today or before it should say "over due"

      If the date field is after today it should say "OK"


      how do I do this is Qlik Sense?


      the power BI command for it is this :


      Follow up - Status = IF('Topdesk Data'[Date (Follow up)] = BLANK(); "-";IF('Topdesk Data'[Date (Follow up)] <= (NOW());"Over Due";"OK"))


      THX for you help.