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    Set Analysis adding records to dimension

    Jason Campbell

      I'm working on a app that uses set analysis to tell me how many times a telephone number called on each previous selected day.  I thought that it would only look for records in the dimension, but if a telephone called on the day before, it adds that record in the dimension.  I need to get the set analysis to look back to the base day (dimension), but now I'm thinking aggr might be needed.


      Here's my expression.  I have 30 of them.  -1, -2, -3, and the further I go back, the more telephone numbers are added.


      sum({<datekey={"$(=Date(vdatekey - 1))"}>}Ct)


      I've searched and can't find a way to implement it.  Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or if I'm taking the wrong approach?