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    Nested Aggr

    Michael Rainey

      I need to find the difference between the count(x) and the max(count(x)).  Here is what I have so far:



      This works and comes out with the correct max of the week.


      I set the previous expression as a Variable vMaxX.


      $(vMaxX) - Count(x)

      This only works if my dimensions are per day totals or complete totals for the week.  But if you try and get a day by day breakdown of the week becomes a null value for 6 out of the 7 days that week.  That one day isn't consistent or in any noticeable pattern.

      When you select a specific date the max changes to that days count.  I dont want this to happen.  Each day should have an associated max for that week.


      I can not do this on load because I need x to be able to change.


      Added example.  The question is why the max(count(x)) is only associating with one month out of that year?


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