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    Invalid visualization - The visualization was not found on the server

    Wasay Syed

      Can anyone help me as to why my sample extension returns an error in Qlik Sense Desktop?


      "Invalid visualization"

      "The visualization was not found on the server: <extension-name>"


      I do not have qlik sense server installed. This extension is being build and tested on my laptop.


      /*globals define*/
      define( ["qlik", "jquery", "text!./style.css"],
          function ( qlik, $, cssContent )
              'use strict';
              $( "<style>" ).html( cssContent ).appendTo( "head" );      
              return {
                  support : {
                      snapshot: true,
                      export: true,
                      exportData : false
                  paint: function ($element) {
                      $element.html( "${name}" );
                      //needed for export
                      return qlik.Promise.resolve();