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    Showing a message when data is not available

    Juan Moreno

      Hi, in Qlik Sense, is it possible to show the user some kind of indication when data is not available (e.g. if for any reason the last scheduled load didn't take place).



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          Andrey Khoronenko



          You need to decide what exactly you want to control. For example.


          1) If there is a data load schedule, you can use the ReloadTime() functions to show and control the time of the last actual load.

          2) With the help of function ScriptError(), you can control the process of loading data in Qlik Sense if there are errors etc.


          In either case, you need to define a specific list of causes / conditions under which the data in Qlik Sense can be considered irrelevant . After that, you can already look for specific ways of control.